Here’s an honest Erin Condren 2023-2024 LifePlanner Review with a coupon code at the end. Erin Condren’s Life Planner is one of the most popular personalized planners on the market. Read on for more!

Do you use a planner to help organize your schedule? As a frequent traveler, it’s imperative that I keep track of all my trips and itineraries as well as content for my Instagram. My iPhone calendar does an okay job, but there’s nothing like seeing your goals set in writing. In steps Erin Condren with the LifePlanner. I already own a few Erin Condren notebooks where I scatter my thoughts and ideas, so stepping it up with the the Erin Condren LifePlanner was a natural progression. I wanted to share my experience with the product in hopes that it may inspire you to start planning the “old-fashioned” way too!

Erin Condren has so many great accessories to keep organized!

The design:

One of the things I love about the LifePlanner is that it’s spiral-bound, and the cover is beautifully laminated. With the spiral-bound Erin Condren LifePlanner (I’m currently using one from the Target Collection,) you can choose from several customizable covers, layouts, color schemes, coil tones and more. What really caught my attention was the fact that the cover is also water resistant. I tend to spill quite a bit, especially while traveling on planes, so I like that I can wipe any droplets off the cover and keep it moving. The designs are interchangeable so you can really let your personality shine based on the seasons or even your mood!

The stickers are great for customizing the planning experience! Erin Condren also sells additional stickers online.

What’s inside:

I got the LifePlanner vertical layout. Once you open the inside of your LifePlanner it begins with an inspirational quote, followed by the year at a glance. This is followed by a month page that can be used to outline your major goals and plans. I plan to use this space to map out my long term goals in the area of travel, blogging, personal life and finances. I am a creative person, so I needed a personalized planner that would allow me get organized without sacrificing my need for self expression. I like to use stickers to let my creativity flow when I’m filing my weekly pages with to-do lists.

The quality:

The Erin Condren brand prides itself on the fact that the LifePlanner is designed, coiled, assembled and shipped in the USA using the highest quality paper. Each organizer is also hand coiled to insure sturdiness, which definitely shows in the quality of the product. Not only is the cover solid, but the actual paper inside is really thick as well! I typically love to write with gel pens which tend to bleed through thin paper, and I’ve noticed that they don’t bleed through the LifePlanner. I also bought a pack of markers and am impressed that they don’t bleed through.

I always decorate my monthly calendar with fun stickers!

The Functionality:

For the weekly section of the planner I got the blank vertical layout which suits me perfectly since I don’t have a traditional 9-5. They also offer an hourly version for more detailed planning. I’ve always found that timed planners didn’t suit me so it’s been nice having an alternative. The fact that it’s spiral bound makes for a comfortable writing experience because I’m able to fold the LifePlanner in half and concentrate on one page at a time. I can also easily snap in additions!

I can’t wait to use my Erin Condren Travel Planner too!

Overall impression

I’m happy with the LifePlanner organizer and think it would be a great addition to anyone’s life – traveler or not. It’s well organized with just enough space and freedom for personal expression and planning based on your lifestyle. I think entrepreneurs will especially benefit from the LifePlanner, as you can use it to assist in creating a strong work/life balance. I also have the Erin Condren Travel Planner and I can’t wait to take it with me on the road as travel rebounds! With slots that outline trip details like landmarks visited, restaurant lists, and outfits, it will be perfect in helping me remember important details that I often can’t recall when it’s time to write a blog post later. This planner came with an amazing set of stickers that I’ve already started using in my LifePlanner to map out my future trips.

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