In the market for a new perfume or cologne? Support Black-owned business by checking out these fragrance brands!

Wearing perfume or cologne is a form of self-expression that’s deeply personal, yet also experienced by those around us. Which is why people are fawning over fragrance more than ever before, both in real life and online. It’s a beauty category that’s growing exponentially thanks to Instagram pioneers like Black Girls Smell Good, and the influencers of #perfumetok. Within that beauty category is a community of Black entrepreneurs filling in the gaps of diversity to ensure that everyone feels represented in the fragrance space. Meet five of our favorite Black-owned fragrances, which can be worn by everyone:


I love popping this into my travel bag for a mood boost on the go!

Who isn’t in need of the occasional mood boost? Worthy Supercharged Skin Scent by Moodeaux is a dry oil perfume that was created to cater to the senses. With top notes of White Tea, Orange Blossom, middle notes of Red Rose, Lavender, Leafy greens and a delicious musky vanilla dry down, you can’t go wrong with this fragrance. It’s not only innovative, but also clean with a mix of skin-nourishing oils derived from coconut and grape seed. You can buy this travel-friendly fragrance at Credo Beauty to smell good on the go! The brand also recently launched Worthy IntenScenual Eau De Parfum.

Chris Collins Fragrances

The Chris Collins discovery set is available at Sephora and includes 5 fragrances

The world of Chris Collins is a place of sophistication, luxury and mystery. Named after its founder, this fragrance house offers a collection of unisex Extrait and Eau de Parfums crafted from fine fragrance oils. Having traveled the world in his previous career, Chris Collins has created a variety of internationally-inspired luxury fragrances that draw from scents like rum accord to transport you to a Harlem speakeasy with Harlem Nights Eau de Parfum, or pomelo and citrus notes to transport you to a tropical island with Citrus Grandis Eau de Parfum. Make sure you’re in a social mood when you’re wearing one of his creations! A Chris Collins fragrance is guaranteed to evoke the question “what’s that you’re wearing?” Order a discovery set from Sephora to get a feel for which scent suits you best.

Fenty Beauty Eau de Parfum

This is the perfume to wear when you want to leave a lasting impression

Fenty Beauty, founded by megastar Rihanna in 2017, has quickly become one of the top beauty brands on the market. Known for producing high quality products at an affordable price, the much-anticipated Fenty Eau de Parfum falls right into that description. Comprised entirely of middle notes, this warm floral fragrance exudes a sexy sillage that makes it the perfect date night scent. Its notes of magnolia, musk, tangerine and Bulgarian rose blend together beautifully and the fragrance lasts for hours, with incredible projection for the cost. The most interesting thing about this fragrance is that it truly does transform depending on who is wearing it! For some, the tartness of tangerine shines brightly, while on others the musk is what really makes it stand out.

Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane perfumes come in the cutest blush pink bottles

Brown Girl Jane is a Black woman-owned wellness brand on a mission to  boost moods and reduce stress. The founders initially started with CBD oil, and have since expanded into offering fragrances that are both clean and complex. Bahia Eau de Parfum is a creamy white floral with notes of peach nectar and golden gardenia which transports you to the tropical coast of Bahia, Brazil. Lamu Eau de Parfum is a fresh and revitalizing perfume experience, with top notes of bergamot, coastal sage, and Italian lemon that elicits a feeling of excitement. Some say it’s reminiscent of Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc without the coconut, and at a fraction of the price! Casablanca Eau de Parfum, a personal favorite here at One Girl One World, is a romantic and slightly gourmand fragrance that captures the spirit of Casablanca, Morocco with notes of saffron, marshmallow and sandalwood. They can be purchased individually, but we recommend buying them in a set for $168.


This woman-owned brand founded by the sister duo Kaja and Kita is inspired by the power of scent memory. Their fragrances are born from the tales of their mother’s life in Tunisia, and the smell of Midnight Jasmine. Formerly known as Aspen Apothecary, the brand has since evolved into Ourside with a mission to create clean products and encourage diversity within the fragrance industry. They currently offer three fragrances, Dusk, Nostalgia and Moon Dust. They are often sold out, which is a testament to how incredible they smell and the quality of the ingredients. I highly recommend getting your hands on Dusk whenever it’s available – especially if you love warm, fruity scents. With top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, fig, and berries, it’s absolutely addicting.

Have you tried any of these fragrances? What’s your favorite fragrance? Comment below!

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