What’s the best Bond No. 9 perfume? Create your own at custom blend at their flagship store in NYC for the perfect scent. Read on for a review!

Bond no. 9 is a luxury niche fragrance house that produces innovative scents inspired by iconic neighborhoods in New York City. Founded by Laurice Rahmé, this woman-owned parfumerie has over 100 different fragrances. Which is amazing, but perhaps overwhelming for a first timer. A great way to discover the perfect Bond no. 9 scent for you is to get a custom blend at their flagship store in SoHo!

The Bond No 9 boutique is worth a visit if you’re a perfume enthusiast!

I recently paid a visit to meet with an expert and have a custom blend crafted. I’ve been to New York City a few times, and this is definitely one of the coolest activities I’ve done! Especially since I’m a totally fraghead (aka perfume addict.) The experience at Bond no. 9 starts with a consultation, where you share your favorite fragrance notes and smell different perfumes to see which ones you like best.

The Bond no. 9 flagship store has every perfume they make, so it’s fun trying some you won’t find in department stores!

After a round of tests on paper, you narrow down your favorite combinations and then try your top pick on the skin. This is the most important part, because fragrances vary greatly depending on your skin chemistry. You may love it on paper, but find it doesn’t smell the same on your skin! For my custom blend, I chose Greenwich Village and TriBeCa. Not just because they are among the top sellers, but because they really do smell incredible!

This was my favorite part of the experience!

After making your selection, you let your perfumista know what percentage of each you want to make up your custom blend. I went the 50/50 route, but some opt for a higher concentration of one fragrance or the other. It all depends on which notes resonate with you most in each perfume. My personal blend is perfect for my tastes. It’s sweet, sophisticated, and absolutely addictive with notes of Cacao Absolute, Green Hazelnut, Vanilla, Oak Moss, and Praline to name a few!

My custom blend was a combination of Tribeca and Greenwich Village

If you want to get a custom blend made next time you’re in NYC, stop by the flagship boutique at 9 BOND ST. No appointment necessary! Prices vary depending on how many fragrances you choose to incorporate, and customers take home whatever is  left in each bottle. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about their world of fragrances, and will no doubt point you in the direction of your dream blend!

Have you ever had a custom fragrance made? Would you indulge in an activity like this? Let me know in the comments!

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