By Nicole Brewer

Hello globetrotters. I know that we are all counting down the days until summer break, at least I know that I am. In just a few short months I’ll be able to globe trot to the USA to see my family and friends, in addition to the globetrotters who I’ll meet up with in Belize in July for our 10th anniversary trip.

It is imperative to stay as safe as I can during my travels by accessing a travel insurance plan that I can use as an expat traveling back home. I spoke last year on a panel at an expat summit and learned about SafetyWing nomad insurance. I was impressed to learn that their coverage applies to my travels abroad and my time spent home during my visits.

Traveling during COVID -19 times, it is surely important to make sure we are covered for getting sick, in an accident, or even worst scenarios. With their insurance package, expats are covered after being abroad for 90 days for up to 30 days while in your home country and it is possible to set up automatic payments monthly to feel safe and guaranteed.

I’m surely planning to get a nomad insurance package from Safetywing for my travels this summer throughout the USA and Belize with my fellow globetrotters. Whichever package you decide to use, just make sure you travel safely and responsibly GTs. Do you have any other travel insurance programs that you recommend? Please feel free to leave us a comment below.