Want to travel to Costa Rica on a group trip? Here’s my honest review of my experience traveling with Intrepid Travel!

Costa Rica is known to many as the land of breathtaking natural beauty, pristine beaches, abundant rainforests, and exotic wildlife. After traveling to Costa Rica with Intrepid Travel, it will also be known as the country that has my heart. Although this destination has long been sought-after for travelers seeking adventure and eco-tourism, Costa Rica offers so much more than that. The abundance of things to do in Costa Rica can actually make for a daunting trip planning experience if you’ve never been. Because of this, I highly recommend booking a group tour with Intrepid Travel! I recently had the opportunity to explore San Jose, La Fortuna, and Puerto Viejo on a group tour and it did not disappoint. Read on to learn more about why I think a trip to Costa Rica with Intrepid Travel should be on your bucket list:

Expertly Crafted Itineraries

Our Intrepid Travel tour guide arranged a Caribbean cooking class at a local home

I typically prefer to plan my own trips because I believe in the age-old saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” Intrepid Travel definitely proved me wrong on this one! Founded over 30 years ago, Intrepid Travel is renowned for their thoughtfully designed itineraries that immerse travelers in the heart of each destination’s most captivating landscapes. Activities on our itinerary included zip lining followed by hot springs in La Fortuna, a Caribbean cooking class in Puerto Viejo, and snorkeling at Cahuita National Park. I loved that every experience was carefully curated to showcase the country’s natural wonders while respecting the local communities and environment. I realized at the end of the trip that I had experienced more in six days than most do in two weeks! The accommodations were incredible as well, with the majority of our stays being luxury boutique hotels over chain resorts.

Engaging Local Experiences

One of the most enriching aspects of traveling is connecting with local people through their culture. Intrepid Travel recognizes the importance of these interactions and provides opportunities for authentic experiences, which I greatly appreciated. Whether it’s participating in a traditional cooking class, meeting indigenous communities, or learning about sustainable farming practices from local experts, Intrepid Travel’s tours foster meaningful connections that go beyond the usual tourist activities. One of my favorite local experiences was visiting a Costa Rican family in Ciudad Colon where we danced to traditional music in their backyard and indulged in a home-cooked meal on their patio. It was something I couldn’t have planned on my own!

After snorkeling at Cahuita National Park our tour guide treated us to freshly cut local pineapple

Knowledgeable and Passionate Guides

A knowledgeable and passionate guide can transform your travel experience, offering detailed insights, backstories, and insider knowledge that bring a destination to life. Our tour guide Luz was an expert on Costa Rican history and did an amazing job balancing historical facts with fun anecdotes every place we went. You could tell she has a genuine love for Costa Rica, and is proud of her home country. Having her there to guide us made the experience really special. I left with a deeper understanding of the places we visited as well as some of the local conservation efforts that make Costa Rica a global leader in eco-tourism.

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is a must-see!

Small Group Travel

Intrepid Travel believes in the power of small group travel to create more meaningful experiences. Our group tour was organized in collaboration with Nomadness Travel Tribe and was capped at 12 people. I’d always avoided group trips because I didn’t want to be herded around with dozens of people, but 12 was the perfect size! By traveling with a small group of like-minded adventurers, you have the chance to forge new friendships, share unique moments, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Intrepid Travel’s small group sizes ensure that you will engage more closely with your surroundings and the local communities you encounter.

Our group was comprised of 12 women, and this was after our zip lining excursion

Sustainable Travel Practices

Costa Rica is a pioneer in sustainable tourism, and Intrepid Travel has an equal commitment to responsible travel. By choosing Intrepid, you can be confident that your trip will support local communities, minimize environmental impact, and help foster cultural preservation. For example, every restaurant we went to on our trip in Costa Rica was a locally-owned business. It felt good knowing our dollars were supporting small business. Intrepid Travel actively works towards reducing carbon emissions, supports local businesses and initiatives, and engages in community-based tourism projects, ensuring that your travel dollars have a positive and lasting impact.

Every meal on our Intrepid itinerary supported a locally owned restaurant

When it comes to exploring the wonders of Costa Rica, booking a trip with Intrepid Travel is a rewarding experience. From their expertly crafted itineraries and commitment to sustainable travel practices to authentic local experiences and passionate guides, Intrepid Travel goes the extra mile to ensure that their trips are unforgettable. I’m so glad I went on this trip and would love to travel with them again in the future!

Have you ever done a group tour? Have you heard of Intrepid? Comment below!

Our accommodations were hand-selected and reflective of the local environment. This is our hotel in La Fortuna!


This post is sponsored by Intrepid Travel, however all opinions are authentically my own.

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