By Nicole Brewer

Greetings globetrotters. I hope that you all have been well. It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post a blog with being busy with the full time teaching job abroad in Oman, travel freelance writing, and most recently studying instructional design. It’s been imperative for me to upskill for the future and I’m looking forward to completing the IDOL course in instructional design in the coming months.

I most recently traveled to the UAE last weekend to attend the Sharjah International Book Fair where my travel themed children’s book An ABC Guide to Children’s Games Around the Globe was represented by the Black Book Collective. I’m so grateful to have had a chance to visit the fair and and see it on the shelves for myself at the largest international book fair in the world. I’m proud to note that it was picked up to be translated into Arabic with a grant provided by the Sharjah Book Authority. Thanks so much for all of the support of the book globetrotters!

In addition to attending the book fair, I was able to also attend the Black Excellence Middle East awards in Dubai during the same weekend visit. It was an honor to be nominated in the Social Media Personality category. While I did not manage to bring the award back to Oman, I still feel like a winner to be in the presence of so much Black Excellence! From meeting motivational speaker Cornell Thomas to seeing Out and About magazine founder and creator of the Black Excellence ME awards Marsha Fry to others making moves in the UAE like my friend Heath. It was a weekend jaunt to my neighbor UAE for the record books! I hope to make it to new year’s awards and future amazing events like it. Keep shining globetrotters and safe journeys.