A behind the scenes look with All American’s cast celebrating a milestone 100th episode: a night of glamour, reflection, and love for Los Angeles!

On Saturday, March 23, the stars aligned on the red carpet for a noteworthy occasion – the celebration of the premiere of All American Season 6 and its 100th episode. One Girl One World® was invited to cover the red carpet, where I had the privilege of interviewing the cast and executive producers, gaining insights into the show’s evolution and what lies ahead for our beloved characters as well as some of their favorite things about shooting in Los Angeles.

Cast and Creators:

The event was graced by the presence of the show’s dedicated team, including showrunners Nkechi Okoro Carroll and Jameal Turner, along with an ensemble cast featuring Daniel Ezra, Bre-Z, Greta Onieogou, Samantha Logan, Michael Evans Behling, Cody Christian, Karimah Westbrook, Chelsea Tavares, and more. The positive energy was palpable; a reflection of the tight-knit relationship the cast has with one another. “It’s been such an incredible journey, and to watch everyone rally around not just the storylines of the show and the passion of the characters of the show, but the passion of the real life people behind it and allowing us to grow up just like the kids have grown up on the show has been incredible” Nkechi said in our interview as she reflected on the past 100 episodes.

Michael Evans Behling shared his growth over 6 seasons

A Sneak Peek into Season 6:

As the sixth season unfolds, kicking off with the 100th episode directed by none other than Daniel Ezra, fans can expect monumental shifts in the lives of Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and his circle of friends. With Spencer and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) now eligible for the NFL draft, the spotlight intensifies, igniting clashes of egos and redefining team dynamics. Meanwhile, Olivia (Samantha Logan) returns from London transformed, Layla (Greta Onieogou) explores new avenues, and Asher (Cody Christian) navigates the challenges of parenthood. “Spencer and Olivia have some pretty iconic moments this season that I think fans are gonna love.” Daniel teased, careful not to give too much away.

Behind the Scenes in LA:

Filmed against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles, All American captures the essence of the city’s energy and diversity. The cast expressed their deep affection for the city that serves as both a setting and a character in the show, emphasizing the unique bond they share with its streets and neighborhoods. When asked about what makes shooting in Los Angeles so special, Daniel replied “I’m from the UK, it’s always raining, its grey, you know what I mean. The weather here – you can’t beat it, the blend of cultures, the mixture of people from all over the world, and theres so many iconic places to visit.” Greta Onieogou, a fellow expat who relocated from Toronto, echoed his sentiments adding that “I think it’s so amazing for me to also be able to discover the city through shooting on location and getting to do fun stuff like this.”

Greta Onieogou shares her thoughts on filming Season 6 in Los Angeles

Reflections and Hopes:

Amidst the glitz and excitement, the stars took a moment to reflect on their characters’ journeys and share their aspirations for the upcoming season. Michael Evans Behling paused to consider his own growth alongside his character, revealing that “as a young actor coming in, first show, I definitely thought to myself that I need to be the best version of myself that I can be. But I think I was a lot harder on myself back then than I am now. I’m a lot more comfortable now.” When asked how this growth is reflected in his character on All American, he shared that “you can see the joy from myself exuding through Jordan, whenever he’s mean to be joyful.” With each passing year, the characters evolve, facing new challenges and triumphs, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. “Every character represents somebody” Simeon Daise, who plays Jabari Long said.

The Connection to the Fans:

The cast also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the fans whose unwavering support has propelled All American to its 100th episode. “I think theses stories, collectively and individually, they had to be told. And I think that’s why we related so much to the public and our generation, and the generations before us” Bre-Z shared. “I knew it from the moment I saw the script from the pilot. I said ‘this has to happen.’” She was right!

Bre-Z is really passionate about storytelling

In essence, the event was not just a celebration of a television series but a testament to the enduring bond forged between the cast, creators, fans, and the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Here’s to many more seasons of drama, heart, and inspiration on All American’s remarkable journey. As the countdown to April 1st begins, fans can anticipate another exhilarating new chapter with Spencer and his crew.

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