Do you love the scent of orange blossom and want to find a signature scent that smells like orange blossom? These perfumes are the best of the best!

As the seasons shift from the fresh blooms of spring to the sun-kissed days of summer, there’s one fragrance note that effortlessly bridges the gap: orange blossom. What does orange blossom smell like? Often confused with its close cousin, neroli, orange blossom brings a distinct floral sweetness to perfumes, while neroli tends to be more citrusy and bitter. Both, however, exude a delightful freshness that perfectly complements the sunny weather! We’ve curated the top 10 orange blossom perfumes to elevate your scent game as you transition from spring to summer:

Solar Blossom – Mizensir

Perfect for daytime adventures under the sun, Solar Blossom by Mizensir transports you to a blossoming bitter orange tree in full bloom, with its radiant blend of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, and Neroli Bigarade. This fragrance is for orange blossom purists, who wish to don the most photorealistic orange blossom with the most longevity possible.

Solar Blossom by Mizensir is an orange blossom masterpiece!

Le Temps des Rêves – Goutal

Le Temps des Rêves by Goutal is a dreamy concoction of Orange blossom absolute, neroli, and bergamot with a creamy heart of flower milk accord. This delicate floral bouquet is a scent that is both ethereal and comforting, with that French “je ne sais quoi” that Goutal is famous for.

Le Labo Fleur d’Oranger 27

Le Labo’s Fleur d’Oranger 27 is a luxurious blend of orange blossom, leather, patchouli, birch, and vanilla. While not solely focused on orange blossom, the note does play a significant role in adding a bright and floral touch to this unique fragrance. It’s a dry, woody take on orange blossom that would be best worn during intimate evening gatherings.

Levant – Ormonde Jayne:

Levant by Ormonde Jayne is one of the most sophisticated orange blossom-forward fragrances on the market. It truly captures the essence of a Mediterranean summer, with its vibrant blend of Orange Blossom, Lily of the Valley, Peony, and Rose Petals. Complemented by notes of Cedarwood, Amber, and Musk, this fragrance evokes the feeling of a coastal breeze under the warm sun.

Levant is a bright blend of peony and orange blossom

Diptyque – Eau des Sens

Eau des Sens by Diptyque is a refreshing and zesty fragrance centered around bitter orange blossom. Enhanced by notes of juniper berries and patchouli, it’s a modern interpretation of the classic orange blossom scent. With its vibrant citrus feel and subtle earthiness, Eau des Sens is the perfect companion for a leisurely brunch with friends on a sunny terrace, exuding effortless elegance and sophistication.

Petit Matin – Maison Francis Kurkdjian

You may already know this fragrance house thanks to its world-renowned perfume Baccarat Rouge 540. Petit Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian has a completely different vibe – but is equally stunning. Petit Matin is a luminous fragrance that captures the essence of a fresh summer morning. With notes of lavender, orange blossom, and citrus, it radiates warmth and good energy.

Neroli Oranger – Matiere Premiere

This is another photorealistic fragrance that celebrates the bright and invigorating aroma of neroli and orange blossom. It contains 6% of Absolute Orange Blossom Tunisia, which is truly exceptional. Typically in perfumery, there is only 1% of an Absolute ingredient added into a fragrance! Wear Neroli Oranger for a refreshing burst of energy on warm summer mornings, or midday to reawaken the senses.

Neroli Oranger contains an abundance of Orange Blossom absolute that stands out in a crowd

Kilian – Can’t Stop Loving You and Love Don’t Be Shy

Kilian offers two irresistible orange blossom fragrances: Can’t Stop Loving You and Love Don’t Be Shy. Can’t Stop Loving You is a narcotic floral blend with hints of honey from Provence and orange blossom, while Love Don’t Be Shy combines orange blossom with marshmallow and neroli, creating a sweet and almost edible scent. Whether you’re embracing the sweetness of love or seeking a playful and flirtatious perfume, Can’t Stop Loving You and Love Don’t Be Shy offer irresistible options for orange blossom lovers.

Oriana – Parfums de Marly

Oriana by Parfums de Marly is a luminous and sensual fragrance that combines orange blossom with bergamot and raspberry. With a touch of cream and musk, it’s a beautiful gourmand for summer evenings. Adorn yourself with Oriana for an evening soirée if you wish to leave a trail of seduction in your wake.

Fleur Narcotique Eau de Parfum – Ex Nihilo

An ideal scent for a romantic summer date night, Fleur Narcotique by Ex Nihilo envelops you in a captivating floral embrace with its blend of Orange Blossom, Lychee, Peach and Bergamot. It’s an airy, fruity floral that perfectly fits the “clean girl aesthetic,” while captivating the senses and leaving a lasting impression.

Fleur Narcotique is a soft, feminine floral bouquet

Bonus: Perfumehead – Moon Flower

Perfumehead’s Moon Flower is a hidden gem in the world of orange blossom perfumes, offering a unique and enigmatic olfactory experience. With its intoxicating blend of orange flower, tuberose, moonflower, and patchouli, Moon Flower transports you to a moonlit garden where secrets are whispered on the night breeze. This extrait de parfum is guaranteed to leave a lasting sillage, with a high concentration of absolute oils composed by a master perfumer.

*Photos by Willy Joseph-Louis photography
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